Thursday, January 19, 2006

And the mutilation begins (Tod posts)

So I had my teeth out and my teeth cleaned, in that order which I found surprising. I just assumed it would be the opposite. I asked the doc and he said it can be done either way and makes no difference so i deffered. I felt good this morning even though i was up till 4:30 am last night maximizing my pre mutilation time. I was able to make it to yoga only a little late after I finished up with the social worker last night, our homestudy went well. I will miss yoga. I was able to take those concepts onto the dentists chair as i relaxed my body trying to find any part of my body that could be doing less. still felt fine after the procedure, chatty with doc, did some errands, then came home and the fact i had no breakfast caught up and the nausea and chill set in. So i went to bed and chose a movie, Narc, and watched 5 min till the pregnant lady started gushing blood and decided to change. yech. So far no pain meds, and it ain't that bad. it will be nice if this does not compromise my enjoyment of the next few days before surgery much. cheers -T