Saturday, January 21, 2006

Quick update.

I hope anyone out there in blog land understands that Tod took over for the 19th. I asked him to clarify, but I suppose y'all can figure it out.

Anyway, not much to report. Tod is doing well, and we are looking forward to a nice quiet weekend. We've been doing little stuff to get ready for "the big day". We cleaned the house, got all our laundry done, and re-arrainged the bedroom. Tod wanted a "fresh new look". Ok, Mr. Queer Eye. A fresh new look it is. It was nice waking up in our "new" room. Of course, I might be sorry I agreed to one MAJOR change, and that was a TV in the bedroom. I've always hated TV's in my bedroom. Tod's really psyced about it, and I figure, hey, the fellow has very little to be excited about in the next few weeks, so if it makes him happy - well, so be it.

Lastly, our second and final home study visit went pretty well. Tod nearly made a fatal mistake casusally contradicting my "Tod likes to stay up late to play video games" statement. In reality, this IS true, but there's more to it than that, as some of you may know. One of my very dear friends from high school is currently staying with us. A no-no in adoption land. So, Tod actually didn't quite get that out when I shot him the dirty look. Suddenly I was right, again. So, HS visit - check. Lots of paperwork ordered and received - check. On to more paperchasing, and waiting until we get our dossier to China. Which still can not happen until I turn 30. So, May it is!

I'll sign off here and likely won't be posting before next week sometime. Just in case anyone missed it JANUARY 24 is the DAY. I might post on Monday, which is Pre-op stuff. Then Tod's last dinner at Uncle Phil's restaurant... I hope I'm hungry, and that they serve a good cosmo.

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