Saturday, January 28, 2006

So, here's what they did

I've had a few questions about Tod's sugery that I realized I had never answered here. Let me give this info here:

In December we found out Tod had a heart murmur. He went to a cardiologist, who found the left side of Tod's heart was enlarged due to "severe regurgitation". His valve flaps on that one side weren't working properly. He sent us to a surgeon. Who then sent us for more tests. Then, we ended up having to have surgery. What was done, in very general terms, was that the surgeon "trimmed" excess tissue off Tod's valve flaps, and cut the cords (to shorten them) that helped open and close the valve flaps.
Tod DID get a stainless steel ring inserted in his heart to help the flaps work better. He did not have to have an artificial valve put in. The good news is Tod's better. The bad news is he's not really fixed. Because of the way his heart is shaped, he still has some regurgitation (more than what the surgeon would like, but not so much that he won't feel a difference). That's GREAT, but we might not be out of the woods yet with this thing. (more on that after I speak with the surgeon Monday).

Now, they aren't yet sure about the arythmia, which is still a concern. (Basically his heart beat is not yet normal). This is not an uncommon problem for heart patients, but they are a little perplexed as to why it hasn't fixed itself yet. We will wait and see how this goes. Worst care - they open him up again and put in a pacemaker. god help me.

Today has been a rough day all in all. Tod's feeling worse, b/c he's been slowing down on th pain meds, and he's very pale. They had to give him a blood transfusion, but I think it was just a pint...they wouldn't take mine. I offered. So, a stranger's blood is really better?

Thanks, as always, for the continued good emails, phone calls, and thoughts. Tod DOES have his phone, so PLEASE feel free to phone him. He loves the option of talking to someone new!! (I guess he's tired of me...just kidding). But you know what I mean.
(written at 5:30 pm.)

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