Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Today is the day. Or is it?

Yesterday was Tod's pre-op day. It was long, and dull, and really really long. It was in preparation for today - surgery day. So, today when we had to get to the hospital at 8:30 for MORE pre-op stuff (you know, like "clipping"), I was already tired of the waiting room. So, we were in the waiting room until 10:45 or so, they took him back for the pre-ops. We were scheduled to have surgery at 12:30 or 1:00. Noon rolled around and Tod was in the op's room waiting to go for surgery (IV in place, hospital gown on, etc.), and they told us they were running late. More waiting. It was aweful for me and I can only imagine how aweful it was for Tod!! At least I had my clothes on!

I finally went for a cuppa' at 12:45. My first ANYTHING of the day, as neither of us had eaten and I hadn't even had time for a cup of coffee. When I got back at about 1:30, they told us "Thank you very much, we can't take you today, so come back tomorrow."

It's true. We got cancelled. We have to do it ALL OVER AGAIN TOMORROW. I already know every inch of that waiting troom, and my husband hasn't even gone IN for surgery yet.

I'm fried. Tod's freaked out. I can not post more today b/c I am falling asleep on my keyboard.

I'll post again when I have time. For now, here are the highlights:
We go back tomorrow morning, and surgery is scheduled for afternoon TOMORROW. (They promised!). The surgery will last into the early evening, and I'll get to see him around 7:30 tomorrow night. If all goes well, he'll get a private room Thursday night, and I can stay with him all I want at that point. He can also have visitors, so anyone close by can let me know if they want to visit.

Lastly, thank you ALL for your thoughts, prayers, wishes, and supportive emails and phone calls. We are overwhelmed by the love we've been shown. Please send up some special thoughts for us as we try again tomorrow.
Thank you all.


Amie and Travis said...

Danesha and Todd,
I have been thinking about you guys and praying for you to keep your strength and that the surgery will be a total success! I will continue to remember you in my prayers through the surgery and healing. Lets hope tomorrow is a better day for you. 10 years ago when I had a major surgery, I had not eaten anything for 24 hours and we went to the hospital. We waited and waited and then they bumped me until the next afternoon. I was so hungry and frustrated!!

Nesha said...

Amie - bless your heart!! In fact the first thing my husband did today after putting his clothes on was EAT!! LOL. And thank you again for your support!