Thursday, February 16, 2006

Another day, another doctor

Well, we met with Tod's cardiologist today. Still no change in Tod's aortic rhythm (or lack there of), but his medication has been changed. Again. However, the other medication he was on cost us NOTHING, this one costs 40 bucks a month. Although if it helps, how can you put a price tag on that? (It's just too bad that it couldn't be less costly, since that is only ONE medication and he's on like 5). The good news is that Dr. L is hopeful that they can manage the problem with medication, rather than having to put in a pacemaker. We go back to him in one month to see if the costly meds are actually making a differnce.

And a very small milestone of sorts was met today on the adoption front. Those of you who have gone through the process might wonder how we are going to get our medical reports cleared if my husband has just had major heart surgery. Well, I spoke with our agency, and they were SUPER helpful and promised they were going to make it all look good.. IF the doctor would sign off on it. I've been nervous about this for months. But, finally, today, we finally got the doctor to say he'd be willing to write the letter we'd need to give Tod the "clean bill of health". I was so glad to hear it I nearly cried. So, we have a few more items in our dossier than MOST, but I think in the end, we'll still be on track for a late May DTC. ROCK ON! Hopefully by this time next year, we'll have our beautiful baby girl, and Tod (and his newly fixed heart) will have something new to smile about.

We are making progress. My house is still a mess, and I'm still exhausted all the time. However, as a friend recently pointed out: If you are dissapointed in your state of things, change your expectations. So, I am now using THAT as my new motto. Instead of trying to get 10 things done in one day, I'll try for 2. If I get them done, well, then I'm golden. If I get 3 things done, I'm ahead. Thanks M for the dose of optimism. I love it.

Please keep the good wishes coming. We're starting to drop off a bunch of folk's radar now that the worst is over, but this is still a lot of work, and well, it's AWESOME to hear that y'all are still pulling for us.

Now, I'm off to meet with someone about an "almost" real job! More on this later.

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Singlemommydom said...

Great news!!! Congrats!!