Tuesday, February 14, 2006

No real news to report

Just a brief update - It seems that's all I have in me these days. Tod's doing okay. He's tired of being not well and tired of recovering from heart surgery. His spirits aren't as good as they were either. Of course, mine aren't now either, but that mainly has to do with the weekend visitor (MIL)..but she's gone so I can resume somewhat normal activites. Her visit was difficult for Tod too, however. It's amazing how important your mother is, even if you don't like her (and to clarify, I am NOT talking about MY MOTHER. My mother is awesome, and we LOVE her).

As for Tod's medical stuff: We have a clean bill of health from the surgeon, but still have an "abnormal" EKG, so we meet with the cardiologist Thursday. They are still worried about the lack of normal rhythm in Tod's heart, and are following it closely.

Tod is still out of work for about another month, maybe 6 weeks. He's already getting cabin fever, and I am not sure how to combat it. Many people have sent movies, and that helps a LOT (thanks to all of you!!), but you can only watch SO MANY MOVIES in a day!! Any ideas for what to do?? The basic problem seems to be two fold. Tod has little to no stamina, so even walking around is challenging, and we are totally broke, so something fun (like going out to a movie) is really out for now. And furthermore, it's actually been COLD here!! We were spending time at a local garden every few days, but with the weather being cold now Tod can not be out for any length of time.

But, I suppose, this too will pass... I'll write more on Thursday after the cardiologist's appointment. I'll try not to be so depressing then.


Singlemommydom said...

Hmm, ideas of things to do that take no stamina but don't require a TV:
1. start a lifebook for your future daughter
2. learn to knit (I have known guys that could knit - they just didn't admit it to their guy friends)
3. crossword puzzles
4. word finds
5. start a scrapbook
6. internet shopping
7. learn mandarin
Good Luck!!! At least with cabin fever setting in you know Tod's feeling much better.

Nesha said...

I love this list!! In fact, I'm prinitng it off to add to my notebook. Thanks tons for the really great ideas!