Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Tod Speaks


I have been keeping busy; right now I am making the final push to rip all our cds onto the hard drive, so we can sell most of our cds and our stereo equipment. My current frustration is that I have far more ideas and projects than energy, so every day I must temper my zeal and pay attention to my needs for rest. My primary focus is to take stock of all our possessions and sell/donate/trash what is extraneous, and organize and maintain what is needed. Only being able to lift 8 pounds limits what I can tackle. Otherwise I try to keep the house in order so Danesha can focus on finishing her dissertation and watch movies, read, or video games for mild activity. I pulled a muscle at the base of my right rib cage which means I can't take a full breath without shooting pain, very frustrating for someone who enjoys yoga and chanting and not being in pain.


Me Status: Today I have reinstituted the intentional day. I think my body is ready for it and my mind is craving it. It will develop into something more regimented, though always flexible if the need arises: for now I plan to be up at 6am, yoga/meditation until 7am, read/write/shower/prepare breakfast until 8am, breakfast from 8-8:30, rest until 9am…at least a half hour break after lunch, dinner 7:30-8 at least a half hour break after dinner…. 11 pm bed time. My main large project to begin is taking stock of all our possessions and selling/donating/ giving away what we don’t need and organizing and maintaining what we do. I will run into a wall on this project since I can’t lift anything of great consequence until 4/1/06, so the attic and crawlspace are out until then. My strength has been coming back steadily and my ability to regulate body temp and my resistance to fatigue has improved greatly recently. I attribute some to the change from Lopressor to Coreg that my cardiologist prescribed last Thursday and some to natural healing process. The rib muscle pull is waning in pain, it still tightens during random breaths but now it is usually just discomfort and no spasms or shooting pain. I will be ecstatic when it fully heals so I can chant and breathe properly and deeply again, I have deeply missed that. I find it much easier to cleanse the mind with some sort of accompanying vocalization to help interrupt the thought threads.

Household Update: We reconfigured the desk and computer area to better serve the dissertation process and that has served Nesh well and she has been more productive. Maddie has recovered from her most recent of chronic ear infections and seems to be doing much better after a food change and eye drops. Sheba is great, we barely notice her, she spends nearly all her day in the back yard and then comes in at night and puts herself to bed. Eden loves having her people around so much and is a beneficent queen of the house. The cats are all well though Pablo continues to fight with a local cat. Phil is getting by at work without assaulting anyone and is excited about the possibilities of our business ideas (more later as they develop).

Acknowledgements: I give deep heartfelt thanks to the multitude that have helped us through loving support, medical knowledge and care, financial aid, prayer and care. It has made this a much more pleasant journey for us and I thank each and every one of you. I know there is no quid pro quo in these gifts to us but I intend not to disappoint your collective faith in me and in us. If there is one prayer it is thank you.


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