Thursday, March 23, 2006

The joys of owning an "older" home...

Which could also be entitled: An ugly house, with crappy wiring. So, I've been attempting to keep up with this blog at least a few times a week. I've been late these past few weeks for a number of reasons, first of which I'm writting a dissertation. It takes EVERYTHING out of me and at the end of the evening, I can't STAND to look at the computer. Secondly, lately, we've been having "electrical" problems. Our lights flicker. Our computer shuts down (at random intervals), and gets grumpy when it has to start back up, only to go back out again 15 minutes later.... So, as you can imagine, it makes it difficult to blog. (And as an aside, yes, we have someone coming today to look at it.)

I spent an hour the other night working on updates, and such, only to lose almost EVERYTHING just when I was finishing up...So, I will say this, Tod DID have his doctor's appointment, and keeping it short and sweet, there's been little change, other than his pulse rate is VERY elevated, and he's been put on yet ANOTHER costly drug (in ADDITION to the others). However, they haven't mentioned the P-word again lately, so that's good (pacemaker, for those of you who don't know what I mean).

Basically, he's doing well. He worked for 5 hours at the Depot the other day, and came home to sleep for 5 hours as soon as he got home, but hey, he went, and there will be some money in it for us! I think he's going back this weekend for a few hours as well. He feels fine, but his stamina is still very low, as you can imagine.

As for the adoption stuff, our Home Study is officially done and accepted by our placement agency, and we are simply waiting (a word you will see A LOT in the next few months!!!) for the last of the paperwork to come in before we can finish certifying, and authenticating the documents. I hope everything is still on target for a DTC 'round about June 1st. Maybe even the last part of May...fingers crossed.

Me, well, I am scheduled to start my new job in the next few weeks...I haven't talked about it yet b/c I am afraid something is going to happen to it. The lawyers haven't finished the bloody paperwork yet, so there isn't an official job yet. Or an official start date...or a paycheck, come to think of it. But they want me working none the less. Go figure.

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