Thursday, April 27, 2006

happy happy joy joy

We got our 171-H TODAY!!!!!!!!!! 9 days, that's it!! Just nine days. .....

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Ok, the bag "skinny"

Ok, so the bags are a hit. Donna, you might be right about the mini-business!! So, here's the deal, the bags are 30 to 40 bucks each depending on the fabric choice (since some fabric is way more expensive than others). I will post a few swatches now, however I prefer to start by working with each person individually. So if you have a "theme" in mind, or a favorite color, let me know. I can email you the choices individually with in your category. A few examples are Asian-themed (like Karen's REALLY cool bag - my personal fav!), CAT CRAZY, beach/tropical, retro, etc. Right now I'm making them "to order", later if this takes off, I'll make them ahead and only sell the ones that are done... so the early birds are the lucky ones!! ;->

I'll have pictures of fabrics examples posted tomorrow (maybe even tonight)...check back and "browse".

And, hey, thanks for helping me pay for our adoption!! You all ROCK!!

Mamma's got a brand new bag

So, this is very random, but I just thought I'd post it. I have this super cool friend Karen who, on a recent visit, saw my tiny little handbag and asked about it. I told her I'd made it and would love to give her one since I enjoy making them so much. She insisted on giving me money for one (sight unseen!!) and she even raved about them on her blog!! Thanks, Karen, you rock!!

Here's a picture of HER bag (which has already been spoken for), but I'm getting ready to make more if anyone is interested in a nice small WASHING MACHINE friendly handbag, just email me!!

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Oh, and BTW

Here's who will be paying me to play with plants for the next few years. Click here.
My branch is EnvironmentalScience, and I'll be working on turf (and my golf game).

No time!

I have no time to write, I must finish my dissertation... I have a date ladies and gents. May 22nd. I defend and my life becomes MINE again (maniacal laughing) .

On the adoption front: Tod and I drove to Charlotte yesterday to get fingerprinted so we can wait for our I-717H...the last piece of paperwork for the adoption!!! WOO-HOO!

And that's all the time I have. Back to work for me...

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Get this

I recently got Chinese food for dinner, and with my meal came this cookie fortune:

Ok, so this will be funny for those of you who know me, but not for those of you who do not. (Let's just say, I am in no way shape or form remotely diplomatic).

(Furthermore, I think this is the most UNLIKELY reason ANYONE would seek me out...)

Thursday, April 13, 2006


no, this is not a kids poem I am writing. Just a quick explination. I just spoke with our placement agency and the official word on referals (again, this is when we are matched with a baby, and we are sent her picture and some medical information, as well as where in China she is from) is anywhere from 10 months to 14. 14 months. UG. After waiting for 3 years already, this seems SO VERY VERY long. It makes me sad. (and MAD, and it's BAD). Sigh. So, basically, the moral of the story? Well, we have NO idea when we'll travel to China, and no idea when we'll be the proud new parents to little baby Magic.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006


So, you even get caught doing something you KNOW you shouldn't be? I'm not talking like stealing a car, or cheating on a spouse, I mean like you and your best friend promise that you won't see a movie until the two of you can see it together...then you go to the movie with a different friend (before going with your best friend) and you see you best firned there AT THE MOVIE!!?? Ok, so this is a little dramatic, considering I didn't actually get caught doing anything, but I still feel kind of like I would in the above story (not that I've evern done anything like that!!).

I HAVE to finish my dissertation. And tomorrow I have a MAJOR meeting with my new bosses tomorrow for a "training session", and where I (think) I'll actually get to find out what I'm going to be doing...and when my new boss called me today to discuss the meeting tomorrow, was I writing frantically on my manuscript?? Nope. I was outside. Playing in my garden. The worst part? R asked "So, hows the writing going?". I had to cover the phone so he couldn't hear me playing with my dog and giggling, and then said "Oh, great. I'll be done soon." EEEK. I felt kind of bad, but I REALLY needed to get out and plant some plants in my veggie garden. The paper can wait.

On another note, Tod's back to work full time these days, so life is getting back to normal. Life is good. May is coming right up, and I'm planning one HELL of a party. So, if you're interested, party at my house May 28. We'll be celebrating Phil's 33 b-day, ToD and my 30th b-day, my new job, Tod's recovery, AND our DTC date (which hopefully will happen right around that same week). What a month!!

Friday, April 07, 2006

long time between posts

Ok, so I've been super busy, and Tod's been super tired. Then, I'm tired and Tod's busy too, so go figure. I thought I'd drop a quick note here just incase anyone is still keeping track of us. Tod's gone back to work more-or-less full-time. He's so very tired when he comes home from work, but he's glad to be back, and it'll be nice to have the money coming back in from his job!! I'm still on the crappy assistantship dollars that are running out soon, so the last few months have been tight. The good news aside from Tod working again, is that I actually have a real job. The catch? Well, I have to finish my disser-f-ing-tation before I can start. I'm SOOOOO ready to start. The job is going to be fantastic. It'll be hard and challenging, but it'll be FUN too. Hey, my office has a 4 hole golf course right outside the front door! AND they take me out to lunh fairly often. Even better!

As for what I'll be doing, well, I don't really know. Honest. It's for a big company and there are all these privacy disclosures and legal paperwork that says I can't talk about it. And furthermore, they haven't told me about it yet!!! Since the paperwork hasn't been signed (not until next week), they can't really talk about it either! Funny, huh? The long and the short of it is that I'll be working with Bent-grass (used on golf-course greens), and there's LOTS of money involved. Much of it is NOT coming my way, but I'll still be making 2.4 times what I make now. I know this b/c I did the math. Then, next year? Well, assumeing I'm still there, I'll get a raise. Then the third year I have the option of being hired full-time. That should pay MUCH better. That is after all why I'm getting this fancy degree...well, that and there's somehting nice about the sould of "Mr. and Doctor Carley" hee hee hee.