Tuesday, April 11, 2006


So, you even get caught doing something you KNOW you shouldn't be? I'm not talking like stealing a car, or cheating on a spouse, I mean like you and your best friend promise that you won't see a movie until the two of you can see it together...then you go to the movie with a different friend (before going with your best friend) and you see you best firned there AT THE MOVIE!!?? Ok, so this is a little dramatic, considering I didn't actually get caught doing anything, but I still feel kind of like I would in the above story (not that I've evern done anything like that!!).

I HAVE to finish my dissertation. And tomorrow I have a MAJOR meeting with my new bosses tomorrow for a "training session", and where I (think) I'll actually get to find out what I'm going to be doing...and when my new boss called me today to discuss the meeting tomorrow, was I writing frantically on my manuscript?? Nope. I was outside. Playing in my garden. The worst part? R asked "So, hows the writing going?". I had to cover the phone so he couldn't hear me playing with my dog and giggling, and then said "Oh, great. I'll be done soon." EEEK. I felt kind of bad, but I REALLY needed to get out and plant some plants in my veggie garden. The paper can wait.

On another note, Tod's back to work full time these days, so life is getting back to normal. Life is good. May is coming right up, and I'm planning one HELL of a party. So, if you're interested, party at my house May 28. We'll be celebrating Phil's 33 b-day, ToD and my 30th b-day, my new job, Tod's recovery, AND our DTC date (which hopefully will happen right around that same week). What a month!!


Singlemommydom said...

Glad to hear Todd is doing so well and you are so close to DTC. Definitely a reason to party!!

judas said...

"The paper can wait."

No, it really can't. Slacker. :P