Friday, April 07, 2006

long time between posts

Ok, so I've been super busy, and Tod's been super tired. Then, I'm tired and Tod's busy too, so go figure. I thought I'd drop a quick note here just incase anyone is still keeping track of us. Tod's gone back to work more-or-less full-time. He's so very tired when he comes home from work, but he's glad to be back, and it'll be nice to have the money coming back in from his job!! I'm still on the crappy assistantship dollars that are running out soon, so the last few months have been tight. The good news aside from Tod working again, is that I actually have a real job. The catch? Well, I have to finish my disser-f-ing-tation before I can start. I'm SOOOOO ready to start. The job is going to be fantastic. It'll be hard and challenging, but it'll be FUN too. Hey, my office has a 4 hole golf course right outside the front door! AND they take me out to lunh fairly often. Even better!

As for what I'll be doing, well, I don't really know. Honest. It's for a big company and there are all these privacy disclosures and legal paperwork that says I can't talk about it. And furthermore, they haven't told me about it yet!!! Since the paperwork hasn't been signed (not until next week), they can't really talk about it either! Funny, huh? The long and the short of it is that I'll be working with Bent-grass (used on golf-course greens), and there's LOTS of money involved. Much of it is NOT coming my way, but I'll still be making 2.4 times what I make now. I know this b/c I did the math. Then, next year? Well, assumeing I'm still there, I'll get a raise. Then the third year I have the option of being hired full-time. That should pay MUCH better. That is after all why I'm getting this fancy degree...well, that and there's somehting nice about the sould of "Mr. and Doctor Carley" hee hee hee.

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