Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Let the stalking commence

I am officially stalking the Fed-Ex guy. Our paper work went out today to be authenticated (the envelope weighed 0.85 pounds...that's ALL paper weight, my friend. And it cost over 25 dollars to send!). Exciting. I hope to have everything back by next Friday. The next step?? It's sending it to the agency! Well, I have to go over EVERYTHING one more time...then it goes off to the agency. And now I'm totally second guessing little things. I am afraid something isn't going to be correct...or that our pictures aren't good enough (honest!! there are so many rules!!). Anyway, for now, it's out of my hands! Literally.

As for everything else, Tod's still doing great. He's back at yoga, so he's slowly building his strenght back up. He's still so tired when he gets home he often naps, but he's doing great. His last cardiologist check-up went well, and they have another one scheduled for August, so Dr. J thinks there's nothing to be worried about yet with Tod's arrythmia. So, I try not to worry about it either. See, this is me, not worrying.

Me, well, I'm in the last throes of my dissertation. I hand it to my committee this week (Friday morning), and then defend May 22nd. Piece.of.cake. Oh, and then I go out for a drink...or 10. Maybe 20. I've never blacked out before from drinking...maybe I'll strive for that. And when they throw me out of the bar, they will be throwing out a newly nerded Ph.D.!

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Anonymous said...

By the time you're that trunk PhD will stand for pissed her drawers...