Monday, June 26, 2006

Out of town - a little heavy

So, Tod's ancient grandfather (97!!) is dying and not expected to live the rest of the week, so we traveled to D.C. to have our final visit. I won't go into it, but sufice to say that Opa is not dying because he's sick. Or because he has heart problems. Or because he's got high cholesterol... He's one of the very few people left on this green earth that is actually dying OF OLD AGE. Last week he pulled his feeding tube out and told the doctors to "bugger off". He's at peace with his God. He's ready to die. (And I am a big supported of the "Right to Die" movement, under specific circumstances. In this case, it seems so much more humane to allow the family to gather around the bed and have the doctor give Opa something to allow him to "sleep" and never wake up, RATHER than him starving to death, which is how it's playing out since they won't let him ask the doctor's to help him die peacefully...but that's a whole 'nother topic I won't go any fatgher into). Anyway, that's why I haven't been around to post.

On another depressing note, this morning while I was reading some other Blog's related to China and I ran across this Blog that somehow put everything into perspective. Now, I can't read more than a few posts without getting annoyed, ticked off, or basically just asking WHY??!!! but if you are feeling rotten about your life, and you want to have everything put back into perspective, check out her blog. I Don't know her, but I don't hink she'd mind my posting it here. She'd like the attention. (As a side note, this has NOTHING to do with China or China related topics).

Ok, with that, I'm out to go to work. It finally stopped raining long enough for me to get something done.

Thursday, June 22, 2006


Dossier Log-In-Date (LID Date): 6/15/2006

Happy Happy Joy Joy!!!!!!!

Based on current trends and rumors, we can expect our referal next year at this time.

Now the WAIT begins in earnest.

Can I get a Yee-Haw?

So Baby Magic's Amma Mamma set this to me (oh, and that's my Mother, I'm talking about, for those of you who don't know). Here's the quiz, and then here's my score:

Are you a Yankee or a Rebel?

92% Dixie. Is General Lee your grandfather?!

Oh, also - LID's are coming in for early June DTCers...I'll post later if we get ours. One person who was DTC on the same day as us got a LID of July 15. Keep your fingers crossed!!

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Nothing new 'round here

I'm posting for those of you who actually check this thingy. I'm simply adding that nothing new is happening around here, and frankly, I like it that way. Tod continues to amaze me with his increased stamina (I think he may be 90% back to "normal"), and we are in continued good spirits as well. My family is gearing up for our second annual Outer Banks Beach Extravaganza. Last year, with one notable exception, we all had a blast. And I think my brother had fun too, even given the trauma of the first full day there. This year, I think we will avoid deep waters, and play catch much much closer to the shore. I am so excited about this trip, I beleive I call my Mom everyday to tell her how excited I am...of course, I pretend it;s to talk about "logistics", but really, I'm just using that as an excuse. Besides, I don't think any "logisics" have been worked out, so she must have my number!

I did just get back from a vacation to Iowa. I had a LOT of fun, and I wish I could have stayed longer, but I hope to get back out there soon(ish). Tod was very sorry he couldn't go, so I'm hoping we can road-trip it this spring. I'll post pix when I get some back.

On the adoption front, I try not to crash CCAI's site checking to see if they've posted our LID every 3 minutes. So far nothing. The good news is it looks as though I'll make it to J and A's wedding!! But while I TRY to guess when we might travel, it's just that: a guess. We should know more by Christmas. Until then, just ignore me on this guessing game bit.

I also spent a lovely afternoon lunch with a new adoption pal and her beautiful daughter. I now have two adoption "buddies" with daughters from China...I hope they don't think I'm stalking them!! I am just really keen to get to know them better. It is important to me to meet other families who will be like ours, but I find it is hard at this point to make myself actually DO IT. This lunch get-together was really nice, and I knew she was a great person to get to know, which helped!!

Ok, well, I'm off now. I need to do something that's not sitting in front of the computer!!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

It's FINALLY Official

We are FINALLY DTC. Look, this prooves it!!!

"Your Dossier mailed to China on: 6/9/2006"

Next step? We wait for a LID (Log In Date). That's when our official countdown starts. But the DTC date, that's just priceless.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Check this out!

Got this from our agency today:

"Just wanted to let you know that I completed the critical review of your dossier and it looks great! So congratulations as I have moved your dossier to translation! It should be there about a week or so and then will be mailed to China, so be checking your email as we’ll send you a note when this happens."

On another note, I'm leaving tomorrow to brave the Wild West...err, well, the West. Or something approximating's big, it's flat, it has corn. That's right. I'm taking my vacation to lovely, wild, exciting.... (wait for it...) IOWA. Yup. Iowa. I didn't even know it was populated by humans, but my very dear friend Jen sez people live there year round. Even when it's know, like 9 months out of the year. So, anyhoo, this is my graduation gift to myself. Going to spend a GIRLS ONLY weekend with a great friend, drinking, yapping, shopping, and vegging. I KNOW I will not want to come back on Sunday, that's for sure. I can't wait!!!! So, I leave tomorrow, so don't expect anything here anytime before then. I may post some incriminating pictures early next week.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006


So, many of you know that my "boss" (my advisor) for my PhD program and I DID NOT GET ALONG. He is a perfectly nice person, but our personalities just didn't mesh. AT ALL. We worked fine together as long as I let him call all the shots, and I didn't ask questions... humm. How do you thin kthat worked out?? Anyway, he's the "strong silent" type, and always seemed uncomfortable with having me as a student. I won't go into speculation why, but I've discussed it with a few of you, and you know why I THINK this is the case... Anyway, I digress. The entire point (if you can call it that!!) here is that in 4 years of working together, he RARELY showed any sort of personal affection, or words of encouragement. I did get a Chirstmas gift from him one year (in mid-January) was 2 FREE calendars. That's it. Ever. During the whole time I worked with him, I had some fairly dramtic events occur, including Tod's heart surgery AND my turning 30. Oh, and finishing my PhD!!! But, I am not writing to bash him. He's a good guy. Just not a "warm" guy.

This is in contrast to my new "boss". Ok, I LOVE working. I LOVE my new job. And my new "boss" (he's not really my boss, he's more like my "handler" to borrow my Mom's term.), is SUPER awesome. He's already taken me out to lunch like 4 times (me and other people, not like just me and's not like that!! Really. It's not!!), and given me everything I've asked for. Furthermore, look what was waiting for me at work today:
In fact, they are so BIG I almost couldn't fit them in my CAR!!! Aren't they lovely? It's nice to work with s group of people who appreciate me for ME!!

As an aside, no work from CCAI. I'm crossing my fingers that we hear something soon. Like today, preferably!!