Tuesday, June 06, 2006


So, many of you know that my "boss" (my advisor) for my PhD program and I DID NOT GET ALONG. He is a perfectly nice person, but our personalities just didn't mesh. AT ALL. We worked fine together as long as I let him call all the shots, and I didn't ask questions... humm. How do you thin kthat worked out?? Anyway, he's the "strong silent" type, and always seemed uncomfortable with having me as a student. I won't go into speculation why, but I've discussed it with a few of you, and you know why I THINK this is the case... Anyway, I digress. The entire point (if you can call it that!!) here is that in 4 years of working together, he RARELY showed any sort of personal affection, or words of encouragement. I did get a Chirstmas gift from him one year (in mid-January)...it was 2 FREE calendars. That's it. Ever. During the whole time I worked with him, I had some fairly dramtic events occur, including Tod's heart surgery AND my turning 30. Oh, and finishing my PhD!!! But, I am not writing to bash him. He's a good guy. Just not a "warm" guy.

This is in contrast to my new "boss". Ok, I LOVE working. I LOVE my new job. And my new "boss" (he's not really my boss, he's more like my "handler" to borrow my Mom's term.), is SUPER awesome. He's already taken me out to lunch like 4 times (me and other people, not like just me and him...it's not like that!! Really. It's not!!), and given me everything I've asked for. Furthermore, look what was waiting for me at work today:
In fact, they are so BIG I almost couldn't fit them in my CAR!!! Aren't they lovely? It's nice to work with s group of people who appreciate me for ME!!

As an aside, no work from CCAI. I'm crossing my fingers that we hear something soon. Like today, preferably!!


Anonymous said...

IT's always nice to be appreciated, isn't it? As long as you are their "wunder-kind" (wonder-child) they'll keep appreciating you. Just don;t get old or tired!
GLad things are going well on the job. It must make it ALL worthwhile!

Anonymous said...

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