Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Just checking in

In an attempt NOT to go for too long without posting, I'm going to try to come up with something here. First off, I should mention that (I only told a few of you this) Tod was having some chest pain the other day. He bumped his cardiologist' appointment up, then they talked and figured it was likely "only a pulled muscle", not actually heart-related. Tod had been REALLY freaked out about having chest pain, as you can well imagine, and is feeling much better knowing it isn't his heart giving him trouble...or at least, not THAT kind!! His next check-in/check-up is in a few weeks. They are going to do all sorts of tests like the stress-test, an echocardiogram, etc. He is still on medication to regulate his heart-beat, and we are hoping that they can ween him off that, or that his heart may actually have sorted itself out... Anyway, more on that after the doctor's appointment!

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Katherine said...

That MUST have been scary! Glad to hear it was nothing serious!