Friday, August 18, 2006

To register or not to register

So Tod and I were having a discussion of (of all things) car seats. While it is a long story (dealing with a tiny little car), the discussion came about whether or not we should register for baby stuff. I hasitated to register for our wedding, but we did go ahead and do so. I was glad we did. We got a lot of stuff we really wanted, AND we still have it! It was great. Now, a number of people asked if we are going to register for "stuff" for Baby Magic (note to self, Blog on why we call Baby Magic Baby Magic). I discussed it with Tod last night. We are torn. Frankly, with Christmas coming up (I even saw some Christmas stuff in a store the other day. I kid you not), we thought maybe it would be a good idea since all we really want is baby stuff. Well, more ROOM and baby stuff.

What's the take out there in Blog-Land? Did you register? If so, where? What are the pros and cons? Drop me a comment and help me out!!


Susan & Matt said...

I found your site from a friends and find it interesting. We got our Mia almost 1 year ago. We did register because there were things we could use and wanted to be sure we picked it out. We didn't get many things off the list, but it was because we made sure and told our family for any birthdays and holidays not to buy us a present. We didn't want a gift to just to get us something. For the year before we got money. Opened up a second savings account for the upexpected expensed that turned up.
Hope this helped.
Susan & Mia

Singlemommydom said...

Go ahead and register! People WILL buy gifts for Baby Magic, so you might as well get things that you want/need. Not to mention the fact that you'll go nuts with everyone asking you WHY you aren't registered and WHEN you will be. Go for it, have fun with it.

Jude said...

Go ahead and register, that way I can buy Tod a pacifier and pretend it's for Baby Magic. :)

Anonymous said...

Just checking in with you, thought I'd weigh in. YES, YES, YES -- register for baby stuff. Otherwise people may get "creative" and you'll have to expand your storage shed, but you still won't have the stuff you really need for your baby. At least that's what happened to us. Besides, it will help me find gifts for you that you really want! Secret Pal

Nesha said...

Ok, You are right, my dear splendid secret pal, I will register. In fact, I had a friend help me the other day. She had more fun than I did I think!! ;-> I'll try to post it in the next week!!!