Monday, September 18, 2006

Back from Yankee Town

So, we've been out of town for a family gathering for the last few days. Just about my whole family (on my Mom's side) was there. It was lots of fun, and everyone seemed to get along fine, which is a little surprising!! We had lots of photos taken, and here's one that was supposed to be a silly photo, but I think I end up looking silly, and Drea ends up looking hot... Look out, we might just have the next Charlie's Angel here! All in all, good times were had by all.

As a brief aside, we have passed the 3 months (from LID) down mark. At one time, I thought that would be exciting. Now, 3 months seems like so little time considering what we MAY have to wait. I am in terrible denial that wait times are getting longer and longer. When we started, as I have said before, wait times for a referral were down around 9 months. Now, if I read our agency's site correctly, people who sent their DTC in September of last year won't get their referral until FEBRUARY. The math? Well, that's roughly 17 months TO REFERRAL. We sent ours in 3 %$@&ing months ago...I shudder to think what our wait time will end up being. I think I'm back to wondering if it was worth it...maybe we should have gone with a different country (Vietnam, for example has a 4 month wait time. And that's firm.). Tod said no. We chose China 4 years ago for all the reasons we did, and it is for those reasons we stuck with it. Ug. I guess this at least gives us time to find a new house, right?? Looks like we'll have PLENTY of down time in the next year.

I do have a few things I keep forgetting to post on. Note to self: Put up adoption time line. One day I'm going to remember!!

Anyway, I'm back in NC, and it's good to be back in the South, Y'ALL!

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