Friday, September 01, 2006

I'm back...

I've been on a mini-hiatus due to the crash of my computer..check that, crash of BOTH my computers. Fortunately I am skilled in computer resurrection, so I'm back now.

Just a quickie catch up:
Tod's cardiologist appointment - went great. He got a "clean bill of health" and was told to cut back on his meds (not the expensive ones unfortunately) and come back in one year. Whoo-hoo!

Around the house - We've torn our little house apart and are currently building a shed out back. Much of the "stuff" from our third bedroom (which has been the "junk room" for the last 4 years) is going into the shed. Much of it is actually Tod's tools and such, and a few odds and ends. Hence the tearing up of the house. I'm still un-burying the kitchen table from the mess that was made, but all in all, progress has been made. Or rather, was being made until we started getting a butt-ton of rain. (We did need the rain, but why does it always seem NC gets a hurricane just as we begin a huge home-improvement project?!)

Uncle Phil - complains if I don't post enough about him. He's still "finding himself" and even, GASP, working hard around the house! If you don't beleive me (and those of you who KNOW Phil probably don't beleive me), see above photo.

All else - Good. Good. Things are going smoothly around here. Last week I was ready to sell our little house and buy a historic 1927 home (It was a named house!!), but alas, it was out of our price like 150 K more than we can afford. Not exactly the kind of range we could swing! However, we are currently looking for a house in THIS neighborhood. We figure it'll take us over a year to get enough money to find a house, sell this one, and get it together do it all. Plus, we can't move before the adoption is finalized or we have to go through the homestudy update process...and of course, pay more money. If only we had the extra cash for such extravagance!

So, that's it for the update. I'm up and running again so I should be posting more regular like again soon.

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