Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Rock on Secret Pal and Best Pal

So I've had a crappy day. Work stunk, it's raining, and it's only Wednesday. But low-and-behold when I got home I had TWO packages to open!!! One from my uber awesome June DTC Group Secret Pal, and one from my uber awesome best pal (in Iowa), Jen. I haven't yet opened Jen's gift, but I tore open the one from my SP. Observe the lovely photos below. The card was so sweet. It said:
"Someday this frame can hold your beautiful daughter's photo, in the meantime I filled it with a wish. That wish can remind you that she may already be sharing the same sky with you."

I love it. You're so crafty!! I bet your life book will be beautiful. I'm eventually going to add the wish to my life book, but so far I haven't even started one...sigh. It is such a nice thought and when I get sad (about the stupid Wait) I'll hold this close and try to look up, both to the sky and to be more optomisitc. Thanks, Secret Girlfriend. You are the BEST!!

Jen, you rock too, but I have to wait to open yours until Tod gets home. (since it WAS addressed to both of us!!!). Pictures tomorrow on this if I can remember to post them!!

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