Thursday, October 26, 2006

Baby Magic - the untold story

So, in light of my super cool Secret Pal (from the June Bugs 2006 Group), I thought I'd finally tell the story of how Baby M got her nickname (which is Baby Magic). Here's the skinny:

As many people who know us, or read my silly little blog, are aware, my dear friend Uncle Phil lives with us (that's a whole 'nother story!), and it was way back last September when he moved in with us. (We had painted our nusery in preparation for the baby...a lovely soft pink and green. It was the only spare room in the house, so we like to joke, we prepared to adopt a baby girl and adopted instead a 32 year old man...who lives in our nursery). Anyway, I digress. Basically, DH and I told Phil (who was NOT Uncle Phil at that time) that we were planning to adopt our first child, and he would be around for at least some of the paperchase (little did I know...). DH and I couldn't/can't agree on a name for the baby, so for a few months we simply called her "The Baby". Anyway, Phil was very excited about the possiblility of a baby and immediatly suggested that we name her "Ervin Magic Johnson Hatfield Seth Carley". Surprisingly enough, this was catagorically rejected due to two reasons:
  1. This was a mouthful, definitly. Can you imagine her first day of school??
    "And what's your name little girl? "My name's Payton Allison Smith" "My name is Jaydon Dresdon Jones." "My name is Ervin Magic Johnson insert-Chinese-name-here- Hatfield Seth Carley."...The whole class would fall asleep before she was done with her SECOND middle name! Anyway...
  2. More importantly, we didn't want to name our DD Ervin ANYTHING. (Go figure)
So, I agreed we'd consider his suggestion. He wasn't exactly pleased, but began calling "The Baby" Baby Magic everytime her talked about her. Baby Magic stuck. Now, we ALWAYS refer to the baby as "Baby Magic" or Baby M. We even used that when we spoke to our social worker for our Home Study!! By the end of our HS, even our SOCIAL WORKER was calling her Baby Magic!! So, now, when anyone asks what we're naming our DD, we say "Baby Magic".

As an addendum: Phil is already excited over the prospect of another adoption after this one. His suggestion for names for the next baby girl include: James Worthy Hatfield Seth Carley, Major Harris Hatfield Seth Carley, and simply "Baby Kareem"... Is it obvious Uncle Phil likes basketball (and is a WVU fan)?


Kendra said...

Cute story! Mark and I often refer to Liv as "Little Miss Magic," which was taken from the Jimmy Buffett song by the same name.

BMA said...

Well, I'm relieved to finally hear the story. And to think--- I thought there would be some totally lamebrain, irrelevant (not to mention "irreverant") reason for the name. Silly me.

Judas said...

How about Baby Shiva Ghandi Siddharta Balasubramaniam Mahasamatman Erungar Ramamurthy Seth Carley?

Ok, so it's Sanskrit, but it has a nice ring to it. ;-D