Thursday, October 12, 2006

I LOVE the South

So, a very good friend of mine - the one who lives in BFE, Iowa - sent me this today:

"It officially snowed yesterday afternoon.....and again last
night. Nothing much other than a "light dusting" --- but I can't see
the boards on my porch."

Can I just say (sorry, JT), ICK!! It was 75 degrees here today and BEAUTIFUL. I was in a TANK-TOP and jeans...(I would have been in flip-flops, but I can't wear them and work in a lab. Fooy.)

Oh, and I saw the first camillia blooming today...they will bloom all the way through February or March. (Did I mention my gardinias are blooming again??)

I LOVE the South.


BMA said...

I could practically SMELL that camilla! Nice pic. I still love winter.

Jennifer said...

That's not very nice! But rest is 55 degrees, sunny blue skies, and 20 MPH winds. I really miss the South!!