Sunday, October 29, 2006

Our Adoption Timeline

Just a quickie before I settle in for the night. I want to mention I likely won't be blogging much this week due to an up-coming WEEK FROM HELL. In anticipation, I am turning in early, and I thought I'd add another "required" post on my adoption-blog: the adoption timeline.

Here's the somewhat-edited version -
  • 12-1-05 - Sent application to CCAI (our agency)
  • 12-5-05 - Received the acceptance call
    • as an aside here, this is the SAME DAY we found out DH had to have open-heart surgery...
  • Early-January - accepted to Home Study (HS) agency
    • began HS
    • Sent I-600A
  • 1-18-06 - Final HS visit (the last of 4 visits)
  • 4-18-06 - Drove to Charlotte for fingerprints
  • 4-27-06 - Received 171-H (must have been a record!!)
  • Early May - Paperwork authenticated, and sent for Certification
    • We used a currier service, and received our paperwork back from DC in 7 days.
  • 5-23-06 - Dossier sent to agency (whoo-hoo!!)
  • 5-30-06 - I FINALLY turn 30!! Now, we're official!
  • 6-7-06 - Dossier sent from review to translation
  • 6-9-06 - our Dossier is sent to CHINA, baby!
  • 6-15-06 - Official Log In Date (LID). The WAIT begins in earnest...***sigh***
  • 8-20-06 - Received the Brown Envelope!!
So for those of you interested in this, but not "in the adoption know":
Now, from our LID to our Match, we were told to expect to wait 12 months. Others with the same LID were told to wait 14 months. Eitherway, we will likely wait 4-8 weeks once we are matched with a child until we are able to travel to meet her. We'll spend 10-14 days in China. Until we are matched with a baby, we don't know a THING. After we are matched, we'll get her given name, her birthday, her measurments and health status, and her orphanage and province.


Susan & Matt said...

I have been reading your blog for awhile now. I really do feel for you and your wait. We got our Mia September 13, 2005 with a LID of 1-11-05. I don't think I could do it again with such a long wait.
You will have the holidays to make it go by a little quicker. I know that isn't any comfort because you want to walk around with a sign on your head that says "NO NEWS YET".

Good luck.

Susan & Mia

Nesha said...

You are so sweet!! Thank you for your kind thoughts. It does warm my heart when I see pictures of forever-families with their lovely DD's. Mia is lovely!