Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Baby "STUFF" freak out

Ok, we are still MONTHS away from referal, and on MOST days, I am ok with that. Mainly b/c I know I have tons of time to start amassing baby stuff...but today I stumbled across a blog from someone I know a little, and all her posts for the last 2 weeks were about baby stuff. What she's bought, what she needs to get, etc. It totally freaked me out. Books and clothes NOT included, I have about 8 things for Baby M.

Fact: we have little "extra" room to store stuff, and no bedroom set-up yet to put big items like a crib or dresser, but I've been wondering if some of this stuff shouldn't be bought a little ahead of bottles. Or sippy cups. Or blankets... only I don't have a freakin' CLUE what to buy. I see the day come when we are called with our referal, and I go MAD CRAZY buying baby stuff... b/c there's no way I have any idea what to get now. I have a few friends who have kids, and y'all are going to HAVE to take me shopping!! (Miss B.P. - what do you say???). Aren't there like a bazillion kinds of bottles and nipples? Where do I even start....

Fact: I'm still CLUELESS about kids stuff. So, I think I'm going to stick my head BACK in the not-a-mom-yet sand, and pretend I'm ok with the fact I wouldn't know where to start buying baby stuff. TG for my Secret Pal, at least SHE seems to have an idea what we need!! (I HAVE to post the picture of the towel set. SOOOO cute!!).

Fact: Here's what I own (for Baby M):
1 bear rattle
1 package Pampers diapers (very small)
3 sippy cups
1 package plastic spoons
1 towel set
1 Baby Magic (:-) baby lotion
1 safety bath ducky

ok, so I'm cut off from the afore-mentioned blog. She's got it together! She actually had a TUB full of feeding stuff...WTF? Is there something that happens where I suddenly become "baby stuff" savy? If so, I'm still waiting.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Back in the South, Y'all!

I am just posting very briefly to say I am safe and sound back in my home in lovely North Carolina. The weather here is SO much more reasonable than back Home in WV. But, the folks back in WV are nice as can be, so I guess I can't complain too much! Sufice to say I had a nice time, and while Home isn't exactly the same HOME anymore, I still love it.

I also wanted to mention that I received a beautiful towel set (bath towel and hand towel) from my Secret Pal. I did take pictures, but don't have time to post them, so I'll have to post them later. My SP is very thoughtful. And she MUST read my modest little blog. The towels have a flower (for the plant doctor!) on them, and the bigger towel has a flower AND a lady bug (for Baby M!!). Plus the green and pink matches our nursary!!! So sweet, and perfect. I have to say, I have so little for Baby M at this time, everything so far has been not only perfect, but sweet as anything! Thanks tons!!

I also have to post pictures on my X-mas tree. Tod and I (along with my Monster-In-Law) put up our tree yesterday. It is a bit motly, but we love it. More on this later. One thing that did make me smile was that last year we had just started our adoption and I bought an ornament for Baby M. When it came out yesterday I was overwhelemd with happiness. I need to get her one for this year too, which I haven't done yet. My Mother bought each of us (me and my brother) an ornament each year for 25 years or something. When I trim my tree, I get to see each one and follow my years with the ornaments. (Example, one year I was mega into wolves, so Mom bought me a wolf ornament. I was also in the marching band - hey, stop laughing - and I have a baritone ornament... anyway, you get the point!). Baby M's ornament from last year was a simple silver ornament that said "PEACE" and it is hung on a red ribbon. I thought it was perfect. I hope to come up with something equally lovely this year to signify her first December on earth (I THINK she'll probably be born already by the time X-mas rolls around). No matter what, it'll be the second X-mas that Tod and I have been on our official adoption that began over 4 years ago but couldn't be realized until last December.

I knew the holidays would help us "get through the WAIT", and this year I think the holidays will not only do that, but they will be extra special in many ways. We are coming up on a bitter-sweet anniversary, and one I will never EVER forget.

Anyway, I'm home, and I'm WAY behind on everything, but I'm home!

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Leaving for the week

So, I won't be blogging for another week. I'm heading Home to WV for the holiday. I am super excited and am looking forward to MUCH relaxation. I'm taking 8 books with me...let's see how many I actually get through.

And while I'm gone, don't let this happen to you:

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Too tired to blog

I'm posting briefly b/c I always endevor to post at LEAST once a week, and I try to get more than that in...but this week has just been HELL! I've been so busy the last few weeks at work (which has paid off, more on this down below), but when I come home, I can't think of doing anything but showering, eating, and sleeping. Not always in that order! Today, I shot out of work while my boss was at lunch, and I ran away. I left my technitian a note saying I was out for the day, and I booked! The weather is ABSO-FRIKIN-LUTLY awasome here (low 70's, slightly cloudy, lovely "fall" smell in the air) so I went home, walked my dogs, and opened all the windows and doors at home. I started cooking a NICE dinner at about 4:00, and just popped it in the oven (not bad, an hour and a half). I've been eating out everyday, trying to get my damn grass taken care of before my vacation next week, so things have been nuts. It was so nice to jet early today, enjoy the weather, and cook something at home. Oh, and did I mention I opened a nice bottle of vino, and am now enjoying my evening EVEN MORE!

So, I am just going to mention this and maybe go into detail later, but I doubt it. It's not that exciting for anyone out there in blog land! Basically, I worked my butt off last week b/c my boss's boss's boss (twice removed??) was in town from Germany. The BIG boss, if you will. I had to prepare a presentation on my research and it was basically do-or-die time. Let's just say, I done good. Good enough they've invited me to Germany to tour the headquarters for the company paying my salary. The best part? Not only is it an ALL expenses paid trip, but they've invited me to bring Tod along too!! On their dime!! Super cool, huh? Anyway, I'm looking forward to it, and my passport is even up to date. ;->

Oh, I almost forgot, we're at the 5 month mark!!!! ROCK ON! 5 down, and 7(ish) to go! Come ON REFERRALS!

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Tired of adoption whining, don't read this!

Actually, I'm not reallt going to complain about the Wait too much...not now anyway. I have been reading some very positive things coming out of China about the possibility of Wait times actually going down (i.e. LID to Match speeding up). It dosen't really change OUR situation, I don't think. All along we've been told to expect about a 12 month wait to Match (with about another 2 months after that to travel). That puts us at a June Referral and travel in August...which is what I had guessed at all along. On my optomistic days, I think we'll get a referral earlier in the Spring, and travel by June or July. It MIGHT happen... A province that has been closed just recently opened back up (check this out if you are interested), and that province usually accounts for 1/4 of the children going out to international adoptions. The word is that this should help things speed up. I'm not holding my breath, but it WOULD BE NICE!!!

I was actually reading a blog the other day from a single parent who was in China right now picking up her daughter. The woman had an LID of July of 2005. she received her referral in August (of 2006) and is there NOW with her daughter. If we are on the same track, then that puts us at a July referral and a September travel. But in my heart of hearts, I DO think things will speed up, and either way, I plan on having my DD THIS TIME NEXT YEAR!!! And I can't wait!

On a totally unrelated note, the weather here was abso-freakin' beautiful yesterday. In the low 80's, crystal clear skies, the colors were beautiful, the air was clean... walking the dogs last night was wonderful. This morning, however, we woke to RAIN, and 53 degrees. (It's my fault. I called my friend Jen, who has 9 inches of snow, and told her I was over dressed in a tee-shirt, flip flops and jeans...ha ha.) Joke's on me!! Your icky weather is comnig our way!!

The good news? Well, it's a PERFECT day to stay in and sew!!!!

Monday, November 06, 2006

This n That

Just a very brief post. I am still in the midst of my "weeks from Hell", and have about 1 hour "to myself" tonight...I hardly know what to do first: shower, eat, sleep, or catch up on email? Well, I'm catching up on email, as you can (sort of) see. So I thought I'd post briefly.

I don't actually have anything to report. I still don't know what my house looks like in daylight, as I've been comeing and going after hours (or too early!!) for two weeks. Tomorrow (sometime after 9:00 pm) the craziness stops. If only temporarily. I have a professional presentation to give tomorrow, meetings all day, a meeting after my meetings, and then a business dinner...worst of all, I'll miss GG tomorrow night...but I supose I'll survive. I'm taking off Wednesday morning to SLEEP IN and NOT get out of my PJs until well into the afternoon. I plan on sewing, drinking coffee, and listening to the radio ALL damn day. I'm not even going to answer my phone (ok, I MAY answer my phone once or twice...).

Tonight I went to an EXCELLENT lecture by a professor of Cell Biology at Brown. His name is Ken Miller, and he's really really good. He was a star witness in the Kitzmiller vs. Dover case in Kansas last year. Facinating stuff. Made me remember why I love hanging around academic types.

Tomorrow is election day. Don't forget to VOTE!! Remember: VOTE EARLY, and VOTE OFTEN. So, go. Go vote.

Thursday, November 02, 2006


I worked nearly a 12 hour day yesterday (my second this week), and went home and slept for 11 hours...When I woke up at my usual time, I actually felt RESTED. Not the "too much sleep" hang-over. Actually like I had gotten enough sleep... I'm stocking up. today and tomorrow proove to be more long days. But hey, I've got a coffee pot (and lots of coffee), left over Halloween candy, and I'm good to go.