Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Baby "STUFF" freak out

Ok, we are still MONTHS away from referal, and on MOST days, I am ok with that. Mainly b/c I know I have tons of time to start amassing baby stuff...but today I stumbled across a blog from someone I know a little, and all her posts for the last 2 weeks were about baby stuff. What she's bought, what she needs to get, etc. It totally freaked me out. Books and clothes NOT included, I have about 8 things for Baby M.

Fact: we have little "extra" room to store stuff, and no bedroom set-up yet to put big items like a crib or dresser, but I've been wondering if some of this stuff shouldn't be bought a little ahead of bottles. Or sippy cups. Or blankets... only I don't have a freakin' CLUE what to buy. I see the day come when we are called with our referal, and I go MAD CRAZY buying baby stuff... b/c there's no way I have any idea what to get now. I have a few friends who have kids, and y'all are going to HAVE to take me shopping!! (Miss B.P. - what do you say???). Aren't there like a bazillion kinds of bottles and nipples? Where do I even start....

Fact: I'm still CLUELESS about kids stuff. So, I think I'm going to stick my head BACK in the not-a-mom-yet sand, and pretend I'm ok with the fact I wouldn't know where to start buying baby stuff. TG for my Secret Pal, at least SHE seems to have an idea what we need!! (I HAVE to post the picture of the towel set. SOOOO cute!!).

Fact: Here's what I own (for Baby M):
1 bear rattle
1 package Pampers diapers (very small)
3 sippy cups
1 package plastic spoons
1 towel set
1 Baby Magic (:-) baby lotion
1 safety bath ducky

ok, so I'm cut off from the afore-mentioned blog. She's got it together! She actually had a TUB full of feeding stuff...WTF? Is there something that happens where I suddenly become "baby stuff" savy? If so, I'm still waiting.


Brooke said...

No worries-we'll get you all set before the time comes. I have a few things that I was going to see if you wanted to borrow too. And trust me.....the learning curve about babies is steep, but you catch on fast! =)

Jennifer said...

Maybe I'll have to make a trip to NC and help with "Baby 101" Lessons :) You spent years in school --- where do you go for information?....the LIBRARY! You'll feel better if you read a book or two. You'll be fine.

BMA said...

I happen to know (insider info) that you also have beaucoups books for the babe. And an AWESOME mini-hippie skirt. What more could you need?

corena said...

My girlfriend just had her 4th kid. She still didn't feel ready! You learn as you go. You already have the most important things for your child. All that crazy Momma love! The rest of the stuff will come as the need presents itself. The real test is when you have to give out of yourself when you are exhausted. I wish there was a store for that demand!

Bless ya girl!


Anonymous said...

You need some more "practical" baby stuff? We can fix that! :) Don't worry, you'll likely find out what every other parent discovers. You'll buy and get a ton of stuff you don't really need -- and run to Wal-Mart at midnight for stuff you have to have but never knew about! It's okay -- all you really have to do is love her :) You'll figure it out together.

Secret Pal