Thursday, November 02, 2006


I worked nearly a 12 hour day yesterday (my second this week), and went home and slept for 11 hours...When I woke up at my usual time, I actually felt RESTED. Not the "too much sleep" hang-over. Actually like I had gotten enough sleep... I'm stocking up. today and tomorrow proove to be more long days. But hey, I've got a coffee pot (and lots of coffee), left over Halloween candy, and I'm good to go.

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Jen T said...

Sorry to hear about your day, but I can totally empathize on this end. I've pulled 14-15 hour days almost every day for the past 3+ weeks. I've been getting 4 1/2 - 6 hours of sleep/night. It'll be over by next Monday though. I do this for almost a month!