Monday, November 06, 2006

This n That

Just a very brief post. I am still in the midst of my "weeks from Hell", and have about 1 hour "to myself" tonight...I hardly know what to do first: shower, eat, sleep, or catch up on email? Well, I'm catching up on email, as you can (sort of) see. So I thought I'd post briefly.

I don't actually have anything to report. I still don't know what my house looks like in daylight, as I've been comeing and going after hours (or too early!!) for two weeks. Tomorrow (sometime after 9:00 pm) the craziness stops. If only temporarily. I have a professional presentation to give tomorrow, meetings all day, a meeting after my meetings, and then a business dinner...worst of all, I'll miss GG tomorrow night...but I supose I'll survive. I'm taking off Wednesday morning to SLEEP IN and NOT get out of my PJs until well into the afternoon. I plan on sewing, drinking coffee, and listening to the radio ALL damn day. I'm not even going to answer my phone (ok, I MAY answer my phone once or twice...).

Tonight I went to an EXCELLENT lecture by a professor of Cell Biology at Brown. His name is Ken Miller, and he's really really good. He was a star witness in the Kitzmiller vs. Dover case in Kansas last year. Facinating stuff. Made me remember why I love hanging around academic types.

Tomorrow is election day. Don't forget to VOTE!! Remember: VOTE EARLY, and VOTE OFTEN. So, go. Go vote.


Bridget said...

I went to that lecture too! He was great - and it didn't even feel like we had been in there for over an hour. He made science so intriguing. I've been having some long ones too - whew, will be happy when its all over! Looking forward to seeing you soon.

Susan & Matt said...

You didn't miss anything earth shattering on GG. It was parents night at Yale and Luke went on a date that ended up being lame.
I have been watching it for years. It seems like it should be just for teenagers, but I was upset when it started up and our stations got switched around. I missed the first couple of weeks.

Susan S.