Sunday, November 12, 2006

Tired of adoption whining, don't read this!

Actually, I'm not reallt going to complain about the Wait too much...not now anyway. I have been reading some very positive things coming out of China about the possibility of Wait times actually going down (i.e. LID to Match speeding up). It dosen't really change OUR situation, I don't think. All along we've been told to expect about a 12 month wait to Match (with about another 2 months after that to travel). That puts us at a June Referral and travel in August...which is what I had guessed at all along. On my optomistic days, I think we'll get a referral earlier in the Spring, and travel by June or July. It MIGHT happen... A province that has been closed just recently opened back up (check this out if you are interested), and that province usually accounts for 1/4 of the children going out to international adoptions. The word is that this should help things speed up. I'm not holding my breath, but it WOULD BE NICE!!!

I was actually reading a blog the other day from a single parent who was in China right now picking up her daughter. The woman had an LID of July of 2005. she received her referral in August (of 2006) and is there NOW with her daughter. If we are on the same track, then that puts us at a July referral and a September travel. But in my heart of hearts, I DO think things will speed up, and either way, I plan on having my DD THIS TIME NEXT YEAR!!! And I can't wait!

On a totally unrelated note, the weather here was abso-freakin' beautiful yesterday. In the low 80's, crystal clear skies, the colors were beautiful, the air was clean... walking the dogs last night was wonderful. This morning, however, we woke to RAIN, and 53 degrees. (It's my fault. I called my friend Jen, who has 9 inches of snow, and told her I was over dressed in a tee-shirt, flip flops and jeans...ha ha.) Joke's on me!! Your icky weather is comnig our way!!

The good news? Well, it's a PERFECT day to stay in and sew!!!!

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