Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Too tired to blog

I'm posting briefly b/c I always endevor to post at LEAST once a week, and I try to get more than that in...but this week has just been HELL! I've been so busy the last few weeks at work (which has paid off, more on this down below), but when I come home, I can't think of doing anything but showering, eating, and sleeping. Not always in that order! Today, I shot out of work while my boss was at lunch, and I ran away. I left my technitian a note saying I was out for the day, and I booked! The weather is ABSO-FRIKIN-LUTLY awasome here (low 70's, slightly cloudy, lovely "fall" smell in the air) so I went home, walked my dogs, and opened all the windows and doors at home. I started cooking a NICE dinner at about 4:00, and just popped it in the oven (not bad, an hour and a half). I've been eating out everyday, trying to get my damn grass taken care of before my vacation next week, so things have been nuts. It was so nice to jet early today, enjoy the weather, and cook something at home. Oh, and did I mention I opened a nice bottle of vino, and am now enjoying my evening EVEN MORE!

So, I am just going to mention this and maybe go into detail later, but I doubt it. It's not that exciting for anyone out there in blog land! Basically, I worked my butt off last week b/c my boss's boss's boss (twice removed??) was in town from Germany. The BIG boss, if you will. I had to prepare a presentation on my research and it was basically do-or-die time. Let's just say, I done good. Good enough they've invited me to Germany to tour the headquarters for the company paying my salary. The best part? Not only is it an ALL expenses paid trip, but they've invited me to bring Tod along too!! On their dime!! Super cool, huh? Anyway, I'm looking forward to it, and my passport is even up to date. ;->

Oh, I almost forgot, we're at the 5 month mark!!!! ROCK ON! 5 down, and 7(ish) to go! Come ON REFERRALS!


Heather C. & Keira said...

That's so awesome! I lived in Germany almost 3 yrs before moving back home. Where in Germany are you getting to go? They have a potato dish made with of course potatoes and bacon that is out of this world and a gyro salad that you can get on almost any street corner that is amazing too. And of course if you get to go before Christmas, that means Christmas Markets everywhere. You are so lucky!!!! Congrats

Anonymous said...

I'm jealous. I never get to go anyplace cool for work.