Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Big BIG box

I came home today to find this on my front porch:

This is what it is (although I haven't unwrapped it to see the pattern)

I had a hint that something was coming since the sender(s) (my brother and future SIL) called to tell me "something big" was on it's way. Wow. He wasn't kidding! It also came with a sweet note. It's so awesome. Definitly something I wouldn't have bought myself, since I mainly couldn't afford it (;->) AND thought maybe a stroller wasn't the way to go. But once I saw it, I knew it was perfect!!! Exactly what the "city baby" needs!!! ESPECIALLY since our new neighborhood has actual SIDEWALKS!! I can't wait to take Baby M out in it!!! It's nice and high, so she can see what's going on, and it's sturdy, so it can go anywhere. Thank you thank you!


Brother Judas said...

We thought the pattern suited you two. Of course, I figured you'd never have bought it and decided you were getting it whether or not you wanted it. The baby carrier part locks into the carseat base (which you can leave latched into the car so there's no strapping in every time). You can even buy an additional base for the car-seat, so you can have a base in each car. The baby-carrier part just detaches from the carseat/stroller base... that way you can keep the baby in it without waking her to go inside or w/e. It even has a little shade on both the baby-carrier and the stroller, so she is protected from the weather at all times.

Can you tell I did some homework on this one? Anything that costs more than a case of beer demands that I do some comparison shopping. =)

Hope you two enjoy the baby transportation solution mechanism thingy.

-Uncle Jude

P.S.- Tell Uncle Phil we said hey. We never get to spend enough time when he's around.

Anonymous said...


Pictures of james in a suit. See the bottom half of the album.

Nesha said...

Thank you Uncle Jude. My Mom sez you ROCK the HOUSE...whatever that means. I know I will love my new baby transportation solution mechanism thingy, maybe even more than Mom does. I just hope I can use it for x-mas next year!
luv, Baby M