Sunday, December 24, 2006

Happy Packing...I mean X-mas

So, it's Christmas eve and what am I doing? I'm not wrapping presents, (ok, well, I have one to wrap, but that's b/c Uncle Phil hates wrapping and I told him I'd do it for him). I'm not sitting around our tree drinking egg nog and singing carols...I'm packing FRANTICALLY. We've been packing all day, in fact. My house looks as though it was robbed, but by an idiot thief, as the gifts are still under our tree. Oh, crap. The Tree! I haven't watered it in DAYS. It totally slipped my mind! (I'll be right back...). Whew. Ok, the tree's now been watered.
I do have my dinner for tomorrow night started, and breakfast ready to go first thing in the morning. What I haven't done yet today is
  1. eat any REAL food
  2. walk my dogs
  3. clean off my kitcehn table (eek. What the hell is all that CRAP on there for anyway?!!)
  4. change out of my PJs
Crazy. Who's idea WAS it to move at Christmas????!!!! I guess the good thing about it is that by the time we get settled into the new pad, we'll all be ready for another party!

Ok, since I've somehow managed to really injur BOTH my wrists packing, sewing (I had to make 2 more stocking today!), and kneeding bread, I have to stop typing! Anyway, Happy Holidays to y'all, and I'll be back tomorrow of the next day! See you then.

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Wicked Witch said...

Have a good trip. Happy Holidays!