Friday, December 01, 2006

House hunting...oops

So, how do you accidentally buy a house? Ok, no, calm down, Mom, we DIDN'T actually buy it. Tod and I did look at a house tonight. It was info from a friend of a friend kind of thing. It's a lovely little house!! More on this later. Basically, the best parts are:
  • It's literally within 2 blocks of the #1 Elementary School IN THE COUNTRY.
  • The neighborhood is wonderfully diverse (and I don't mean b/c it is full of drug dealers, gang-bangers, and a Mexican trailer our current one).
  • It has an active (and cool) neighborhood association that gets together to drink and chat once a month (the best part? You can walk home if you drink TOO much!)
  • The shower has that double sided shower thingy going on, so that there are giant shower heads on each side of the tiled shower stall...Need I say more???
So, I'm in love. But not so in love that if it doesn't work I'll be heart-broken...ok, maybe a LITTLE heart-broken, but not TERRIBLY TERRIBLY heart-broken...much.

Looking at more houses tomorrow. Talking to bank next week. Wish us luck!!


BMA said...

Has Uncle Phil approved it? And Eden?
Maddie and Sheeba won't care much, but definitley consult Pablo as well.
Good luck!

Jen said...

Excuse me....major capital purchases require phone calls! And I thought it was the only the Petersons to do this kinda thing.
Except, they usually stick to buying cars on a whim! :)