Saturday, December 30, 2006


So, I just want to mention for those of you who read this with any regularity, our computer chose this week to die. I've got it up for a brief bout, but who knows how much longer it'll be up!! So, to include everyone:

If you are -

Friends and Family: Thanks for the holiday goodies. We're lovin' everything, and looking forward to moving our new loot to the new house. Our phone numbers won't change, just the address. Come see us anytime!! We now have a "spare" room!!

My Secret Pal: I've posted our new address in the comments section under the post with the pix of the new house for you. It was the ebst way I could think to post it!

Followers of the Blog: Don't give up on me!!! I will post SOON, but with packing and moving, and all, I can't be sure when I'll have the blog back up and running. Check back often, but do not loose hope!!

We close on the 8th of January, so I'll certainly try to post after that. Until then, all offers to help will be accepted, and all good wishes can be sent to us via email, or phone. Thanks for all the support!!!

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Anonymous said...

Got your new address -- thanks! You'll get it the first week you're in your new home. Congratulations!

Secret Pal