Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Our new house!!!

Here's the pics. Enjoy!
  • View from the road (I love those new windows!!)
  • Livingroom (windows from the inside!)
  • Master Bedroom (Nice fireplace, huh?!!)
  • Master Bathroom (the second shower head isn't up yet, and it's obviosly not done yet, but you get the idea!!)


Brooke said...

Wow-it looks great! Can't wait to see it all in person. Hang in there-and let me know when you need/want me to come over and help pack next week.

Michele A. said...

Very pretty. Love those wood floors and that is a great shower!

Heather C.& Keira said...

Wow, great house, love the shower and floors.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful house! Congratulations! I'm going to make an executive decision here -- hope you're okay with it. Since I'm really running behind this month and haven't mailed your gift yet, I'll plan to send it to arrive at your new place after Jan. 8. I figure the last thing you need right now is more stuff to keep track of and pack. Besides, I'm not positive it would get there in time:) You'll just get two gifts in January. Good luck with the move!

Secret Pal

Melissa said...

Very nice. Love the shower.

Nesha said...

To my Secret Pal,
No problem, Darlin'. I LOVE your gifts am willing to wait! And frankly, that's something LESS I have to pack! LOL. BTW - my new address is: 1305 Ashburton Rd. the rest is the same as my old address. (City and State, and Zip are exactly the same!!)

Kathryn said...

Wow, looks great you guys!!! Baby M will definitely dig her new digs! BIGGEST CONGRATS!!