Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Ups and Downs

Another December 5th has come and almost gone. Last year this date was amazing with great news (we were accepted into the China program by CCAI) and amzingly traumatic news (Tod was told he had to have open heart surgery). This December 5th has been traumatic, but not nearly as bad as last year. The house thing is in a holding pattern. For those of you I've spoken to about it, well, you know what's up. I'll call and update more of you this weekend. Mainly, we have to sell our house before we can even think about moving into the "new" house. EEK. I'll speak with our Real Estate Agent tomorrow.

As an aside, work just plain sucked today. I am not going to bore you with details, but it was one of those days I was there ALL DAMN DAY, and busy ALL DAY (not even a lunch break) and STILL somehow I managed to get NOTHING DONE. UG.

More when I find the energy!! This is shaping up to be an insane week...and, it's late, and I'm off to bed. So there.


Anonymous said...

Sorry the news never seems to get better. I hear you!!

Judas said...

I think that guy in this picture actually looks rather like me. I even have a suit like that. Weird.