Monday, January 29, 2007

Nice weekend

I was hoping to spend this weekend working in the house, doing things we haven't done yet, and some we NEED to do. but it was so nice I spent nearly all weekend in my garden. It was wonderful, but not a damn thing got done in the house!! (Ok, I did manage to squeeze in some laundry last night, so at least we have clean clothes this week!!). I am constantly amazed how wonderful it is to be here in our new house. We all have a lot of happy feelings accociated with living here and we work hard to keep the place "up", and we ENJOY the hard work.

We are still in desperate need of some actual furniture (another project we pushed to another weekend), but the house is starting to become home. We LOVE it.

On a side note, I joined a sock exchange for my DTC group, and have been getting the most fun socks!! Last night I wore my new Valentine Day socks to a party and got many positive comments. It was decided I need to collect socks for every holiday... I think some might be harder than others however!

I also FINALLY found my connection for the photos. SOON new pix. SOON.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Wait times

More adoption wait time complaining. I've just heard that our "good case" is we'll get referrals this time next year (travel in March). Bad case? Well, while this is still "bad case" it is still a real possibility, and that's referral in May 2008. I'm in adoption-wait-time denial. I'm ready to start paperchasing for #2 and we don't even have #1...and frankly, if we DID start chasing for #2, well, I'd pick another country. One with shorter wait times...

Monday, January 22, 2007


We bought a new shower curtain for the bathroom the other day. The "warning" on the bag said this:

To avoid danger of suffication
please keep this wrapper away
from babies and children MADE IN CHINA

So if I read this correctly, Baby M MUST be kept away from this bag, but bio kids can play with it?

My horoscope for the day:

So, I've spent all day getting misc. "stuff" done around the house (another day home from work). For example, I finally set up our bookshelves and started adding books - some of the few remaining boxes to be unpacked. Oddly enough, I needed a break and got online to check my email. I saw a "get your horoscope for today" link and while I usually DON'T click these type of links, this one looked ligit and I punched my birthdate in just to see what it came up with. This is what it said:

January 22, 2007
It's going to be a great day to get things done, Nesha. Cosmic conditions will have you feeling energetic and raring to go, so if there's a list of 'to-do's' waiting for you, grab it and get going. You might need to resist the temptation to spend more time socializing than you should. If you keep your focus on your priorities, you'll be finished before you know it and there'll be plenty of time left for play!

Funny, huh?

Checking in

Just cheking in. I had an amazingly nice weekend relaxing and working. I got in some much needed rest also. The best part of my weekend was FINALLY planting some of my plants in my garden. I had a lot of plants I had to leave at the old place, but brough some of my very favs, or parts of some others. Saturday night I spent about 2 hours planting some of them, and would have finished planting if it hadn't gotten dark! It was so nice to be digging in the dirt again, and makes me ready to get some seeds started for my veggie garden. I also have to "re-stock" my herb garden since I only brought 3 plants from my herb garden to the new place. Darn. ;->

The place is FINALLY starting to feel like home, and I can't wait to begin hosting company soon. We've already had two dinner guests, and that went well both times, so I have hope that there will be many more to come.

Ok, that's it for now. I still can't post pix, but will as soon as I am able. Keep in touch, or better yet, drop on by and see it in person!!

Friday, January 19, 2007

Still settlin' in

I took a ton of pictures yesterday and the day before but can't post them b/c I can't find the connector for my photo card. I was fortunate to have my camera handy however, and will post new photos soon.

With the move, I've missed a (very tiny) milestone. January 15th was our 7th month down since our LID. Last year at this time I thought we'd never be DTC. But once we were, we thought "no problem. We can wait 9-11 months, right?" Well, we are at 7 months, and the wait is getting old. I've not heard any good news on the wait times decreaseing, or at least, not for us. People logged in after May 2007 will likely have a shorter wait time, but not us. Sigh. I guess I don't mind so much, other than not knowing WHEN we'll get to bring Baby M home (and sometimes I wonder IF it will even happen). For a planner (read: control freak), this not knowing is driving me nuts. However, I guess moving has helped mitigate the feelings some by giving us plenty to focus on in the meantime. We've already picked out Baby M's room in the new house; now we use it at the "play room" - it has the TV and game systems and a funky old couch that's fun to sit on with the dogs. I don't think I'll mind losing it when we bring home the baby, but part of me would like a dedicated room to set up the baby's stuff. Mayeb if I had that I'd feel like we were making progress... nah, maybe it would just depress me seeing an empty nursery. Much better to make it a fun room until we have our referal!!

As for the moveing in part, after this weekend we should be all settled in. Pretty fast, frankly. Sure we will still have some moving of "stuff" to do, and pictures to put up, but all the boxes should be unpacked by the end of today, and this weekend will be spent inside doing the finishing touches. We still have a few items of furniture to purchase (actually only two - a big comfy reading chair, and a coffee table), but all in all, we've got the place looking like a real home!! I've even got my sewing machine up and today (another day off thanks to my awesome boss) I think I'll spend drinking coffee and sewing. I've missed it so much!!! I haven't sewed anything since before X-mas, and I'm itching to start back up. I have three baby quilts (yes, you read that right) quilts I'm working on piecing and two (for the house) that need quilting. I also have two I'm piecing for other people, and one that needs starting!!! I guess I better get cracking!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

I'm BACK!!!

Whew! What a week, boys and girls. But I am back!!!!We are moved into the house snug as bugs in rugs. It's been rather exciting (we spent our first night without heat - it was 40 in the house when I got out of bed the next morning!!). But now, everything is back on line. The last thing that needed doing was getting back onto the internet. How I have missed it.

I don't have any real time to blog right now, but wanted to say thanks to my June 2006 Secret Pal from whom I JUST received a package. It is loaded with gifts. I took pictures and will post soon. THANKS TONS!!!!! The stationary is just wonderful, and I just loved the cute clothes (especially those little socks!!). And the cups, etc. are fantastic! I'm so excited to actually have REAL baby items for my new kitchen!!! (They alreay have their own little spot!!). Thanks so much.

Also, I'm planning a house warming party in the next few weeks. Anyone out there who wants to see the new digs, plan to come by! Or, give me a call and pop on in any time (although give me some more time to finish unpacking!! I'd say we're only about 1/2 way done.)

I've also got photos, but I don't have time now to up load them. I will soon. Promise!!!
For now, I'm going to sign off and do a little happy dance 'cause I've got my NEW HOUSE!!! Whoo-Hoo!!!

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Monday, THE MOVE!!!

Ok, so We're MAD packin' today and tomorrow. It was raining but seems to have cleared up for now. The appliances aren't in our new house yet, but will come today. We close on Kelford St. at 10:00 on Monday and Ashburton at 2:00. We'll only be temporarily homeless! Had something to do with bank paperwork being late. Go figure.

For now I'll say - We'll see you later!!

The phone stays the same, of course, so call if you want any ol' time. Otherwise, next time I blog will be from the new pad! Cheers!

BTW - I had a FANTASTIC time with another China-adoptive-Mom-to-be last night. Thanks TONS, K. I can't wait to have y'all over to our new place!! (And we HAVE to talk this week!!)