Monday, January 29, 2007

Nice weekend

I was hoping to spend this weekend working in the house, doing things we haven't done yet, and some we NEED to do. but it was so nice I spent nearly all weekend in my garden. It was wonderful, but not a damn thing got done in the house!! (Ok, I did manage to squeeze in some laundry last night, so at least we have clean clothes this week!!). I am constantly amazed how wonderful it is to be here in our new house. We all have a lot of happy feelings accociated with living here and we work hard to keep the place "up", and we ENJOY the hard work.

We are still in desperate need of some actual furniture (another project we pushed to another weekend), but the house is starting to become home. We LOVE it.

On a side note, I joined a sock exchange for my DTC group, and have been getting the most fun socks!! Last night I wore my new Valentine Day socks to a party and got many positive comments. It was decided I need to collect socks for every holiday... I think some might be harder than others however!

I also FINALLY found my connection for the photos. SOON new pix. SOON.

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BMA said...

Well, SOCK it to ya, girl. I just threw away some Halloween sox (no more classrooms for me to entertain). Had I but known...
Anyway, I have a source for sox of every holiday and hue. Just name your preference.