Friday, January 19, 2007

Still settlin' in

I took a ton of pictures yesterday and the day before but can't post them b/c I can't find the connector for my photo card. I was fortunate to have my camera handy however, and will post new photos soon.

With the move, I've missed a (very tiny) milestone. January 15th was our 7th month down since our LID. Last year at this time I thought we'd never be DTC. But once we were, we thought "no problem. We can wait 9-11 months, right?" Well, we are at 7 months, and the wait is getting old. I've not heard any good news on the wait times decreaseing, or at least, not for us. People logged in after May 2007 will likely have a shorter wait time, but not us. Sigh. I guess I don't mind so much, other than not knowing WHEN we'll get to bring Baby M home (and sometimes I wonder IF it will even happen). For a planner (read: control freak), this not knowing is driving me nuts. However, I guess moving has helped mitigate the feelings some by giving us plenty to focus on in the meantime. We've already picked out Baby M's room in the new house; now we use it at the "play room" - it has the TV and game systems and a funky old couch that's fun to sit on with the dogs. I don't think I'll mind losing it when we bring home the baby, but part of me would like a dedicated room to set up the baby's stuff. Mayeb if I had that I'd feel like we were making progress... nah, maybe it would just depress me seeing an empty nursery. Much better to make it a fun room until we have our referal!!

As for the moveing in part, after this weekend we should be all settled in. Pretty fast, frankly. Sure we will still have some moving of "stuff" to do, and pictures to put up, but all the boxes should be unpacked by the end of today, and this weekend will be spent inside doing the finishing touches. We still have a few items of furniture to purchase (actually only two - a big comfy reading chair, and a coffee table), but all in all, we've got the place looking like a real home!! I've even got my sewing machine up and today (another day off thanks to my awesome boss) I think I'll spend drinking coffee and sewing. I've missed it so much!!! I haven't sewed anything since before X-mas, and I'm itching to start back up. I have three baby quilts (yes, you read that right) quilts I'm working on piecing and two (for the house) that need quilting. I also have two I'm piecing for other people, and one that needs starting!!! I guess I better get cracking!

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Robin said...

Welcome Back. Glad to see the move went ok. I absolutely HATE moving. (except for the part of getting a new house) hehe.

Hopefully these next few months will fly by for all of us in the June 06 DTC group.