Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Gone, but not forgotten

Folks, my major apologies for being on a LONG hiatus. I did in NO WAY intend to be gone for so long... it just, well, happened. Long story short, I got stranded in Califonia after a conference, and was stranded there for DAYS. It was aweful, but I am FINALLY home.

I don't have time to blog now (my DH is waiting for me to actually see him!), but check out what my super cool SOCK pal sent me while I was away. I just LOVE them!!!! Thanks so much Super cool sock sender person.


Michele said...

Ooops, I kind of hoped they would arrive AFTER today since they are for the March sock exchange. Heh. Nothing I send ever arrives that fast. Oh well! Glad you like them!

Linda said...

Ya know, if I had provided such sox when you were 12 (or even 8) you would have thrown them at me. Isn't it cute how our tastes change?? All elementary teachers LOVE super-kewl sox such as these. Especially with spiders on them!