Tuesday, February 20, 2007


The house warming party was a HUGE sucess. Rest assured, a good time was had by all...as I think you can tell by the piss-poor pictures.

"Evil cat, you DON'T get my beer. Go get your OWN #&%! beer..."

Uncle Phil relaxes (passes out with?) with Ede.

This is Will's boom stick...

Oh no we aren't going to let you win THAT easy!

Will wants to know "Is Victoria CHEATING"?? while Victoria tries her Jedi mind tricks to shut him up...

Oh, NO! She wasn't!! And she was unstoppable!! She wins the game (much to Will's surprise!) Or DOES Victoria have secret powers??

1 comment:

uncle phil said...

i have no memory of being on the floor. none at all. anyone that wonders why i have quit abusing my brain cells, look at the picture. i need permanent sobriety. BTW, that is not will's stick. that's my home defense weapon. i think i was using that night to hold myself up.