Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Top 10 things to do while waiting

So, I'm on a ton of China-adoption list serves, and a few months ago, this list came through.


* narrow down name choices (will need a name immediately after
referral) Ok, DONE

* select carseat(s) (convertible infant/toddler style; sales in
January) Thanks to my little bro, this is also DONE

* find a family doctor or pediatrician (face-to-face meeting/interview) DONE
* get shots for Hepatitis, if needed (need 6-7 months lead time before
travel) DONE

* investigate childcare, if needed DONE

* get a passport, if needed DONE

* learn about baby sign language (5-10 signs) DONE (ok, I've only got a few signs down, but we're working on it!)

* learn something about infant/toddler development DONE - I have 4 different books on it...I've even read most of them.

* learn about potential issues when adopting from China - DONE - I read up about once a month on this, but until we know what province, there's not a lot more to read up on!

* learn something about China (history, traditions, current events) - DONE, I follow a China news site, AND I read a bunch about history and fiction, as well as a LOT of China adoption books...

I'd also add:
*buy new house/find a good elementary school (oh, yeah, done that too!)

*Make new friends and be SOCIAL while you still can (I'm doing that too!!! And it's AWESOME!)

So, we've been waiting for 7 (almost 8) months...Now what?

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