Friday, February 09, 2007

Weekend WIPs

So, exciting things are occuring at Chez Carley this weekend. We are nearly TOTALLY un-packed, and b/c of this, I am able to get back into sewing!! I did manage to get a little bit done over the last few weeks, but I'm out of diaper bag and little purse orders and am being brave. I signed up for an apron swap!!! I stumbled across this website (um, I don't have the URL on this computer, I'll post it later) a few weeks ago, and have been terribly nervous to join. These ladies all seem so very good at what they do!!! However, not to be put-off, I joined a mini-swap. I'm making an apron for XXXX XXXX. (oh, it's a secret. So I can't tell!!!). But, she has a cute kid, and I'm supposed to make this whip-ass apron for this adorable child, PLUS, send some cool kid-friendly recipes along with it. The aprons aren't due out until April, but I plan to finish mine this weekend (have I mentioned I am excited about sewing again!!). I had some fabrics picked out, but it turns out the fabric I chose is not going to work for this particular apron, so darn it all, I have to do some fabric shopping this weekend. What a shame. ;->

Also, I have no (that's right) NO social plans this weeend. Not one. Well, I have some TONIGHT, but that doesn't count. So, I might actually get some stuff done! With the house is such good shape, I find myself with little to keep me busy (aside form the usual reading, hanging out, etc.). I can't get out into my garden yet, as it's unreasonably cold (ok, Amma in WV with -14 might not think we have "cold" weather, but for Raleigh, it's COLD!!), so inside projects it is!!!

I also need to take some more pictures of the house. I'll try to squeeze that in too. Good times!!

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Anonymous said...

three new posts and noone has anything (nice or even otherwise) to say? "oh nesh, that's a cute little apron" or "oh glad you have the house put together" or even "lazy lab lounging is to much alliteration for you". you people better patronize this blog or i'll yank ya through the computer screen. bma is absolved of this 'cause the electricity is probably frozen in the lines, it's so cold back home.