Friday, March 16, 2007

9 months since LID...

I'm still around. I missed posting yesterday 'cause I was working late and I'm also really depressed about the most recent projected wait times for our referral. We have a WONDERFUL agency (CCAI), and they make a point of telling us every month what they think the wait times are doing, or what our month of LIDs is projected to get our referrals. However, prospects look grim. They are projecting that March 2006 LIDs (that's 12 months ago), are still looking at another 4-5 months before referral. And at 2 weeks of referrals every 1 month, well, you do the math. June is still a long way away. (i.e. if they are currently working on say November of 2005, then it would take 2 months to get to Decemeber. Then another 2 months to get to January...etc.). BUT, as I see it, the up side is that maybe Baby M will be a spring or summer baby!!! It would be hilarious if she were a May baby, since in our house we already have 3 May birthdays!!!

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