Sunday, March 11, 2007

Friends - again.

I have posted many times on crappy friends, on good friends, on new friends, the loss of one good friend, and the subsequent loss of two not-so-good friends, and good friends who move really cold flat places with a lot of corn (BTW, Jen, it's 67 here today!!)...and now I just want to say for the 1000th time, I appreciate my true friends, new friends, old friends, and distant friends. And now, as another good friend moves to antother cold flat place with a lot of corn (although I think they have more peanuts in OK than corn now), I say I will miss her, and add her to the list of friends I keep, even though she's in a cold flat place with a lot of corn/peanuts.

Yesterday I spentsome time with a lovely person whom I know both well, and not so well. She is someone that I see infrequently, but still concider very dear. Thanks for coming over, and thanks for bringing G. It reminds me why I am still waiting, and the life is what we make out of it. I think I WILL book that trip!! Come over anytime, K.

And to the old formerly-known-as-my-(now EX)-best-friend: screw you. I've tried and tried to fix it, and well, you are no longer someone I even care to be friends with. So, I'm officially DONE. And you know what, I'm sorry you couldn't com to my party, but your "other half" was never welcome, so I guess that worked out fine. I may still miss our friendship, but I don't even like you anymore. And to those of you who know what the hell I'm talking about, don't ever let me write/call/or speak to her again, ok??!!! (oh, and ask me the latest on this debacle!!). Life is too short to waste energy on crappy friends.

Now, it is so incredibly lovely outside, I am off to sit on my back patio with a drink, a good book, and pair of shades. Anyone who still considers me a friend, well, you too are welcome to come sit with me and have a drink and a chat.

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