Sunday, May 27, 2007

Misc. weekend post

I hope y'all out there are having a nice holiday weekend, and are enjoying your friends, family, free-time, etc. I spent almost all day in the garden. It was a nice day, although VERY HOT, and no rain in sight. My nails are totally shot, I have tan lines on my feet from my flip-flops, but my yard is starting to look like a REAL yard!!

And unfortunately, my hands are very sore and tired too, so I won't write much. I am still hoping to post some on the new adoption, and various thoughts on it, but just haven't had the time. Ok, I had the time saturday, but spent it sewing. I have some pictures I need to upload, but again, TOO TIRED now!!

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amy said...

Looking forward to your next post

LID 4/23/07