Monday, May 14, 2007

quick-ish timeline (Vietnam adoption)

So, this is a really quick time line - mainly so my Big Mamma knows when to be home to help us (incert every thing from diaper, to feed, to not break) the baby (oh, and so you can finish that baby quilt!! But don't pick out colors just yet, you may be surprised when I tell you we MIGHT be asking for a boy!!!)

  • Paperchase - I hope to be done in one month.
  • DTA - dossier to agency - this will take a week or two, to get it in order, and translated.
  • Referral - hold on to your hats - 3-5 months. That's right 3-5 MONTHS after LID (log in date). As a disclaimer, Vietnam is different from China in that dossiers are logged in by agency, and then referrals are chosen by the agency, NOT a governemnt department, so the timeline here depends on two things:
  1. how many people are in the "line" ahead of you (yes, this is like China), but the line is an agency by agency thing, not the entire country!!
  2. how many children (and what sex they are) are needing homes at that time.
  • Referral to travel - 3-5 months. I'll do the math for you here, that means 7-11 months FROM THIS SECOND we could very well have our baby in our arms. {Yes, we started with China, and yes, it should have been faster, but it wasn't. this is differnt, and the time lines/times are far more consistent, since there are actually laws on how long you can wait!! In this case, they say you must not wait longer than 5 months to travel!! Usually, I gather it's closer to 3 than 5. }
Anyway, our agency gives us our referral, so it can be somewhat expidited depending on the agency (more people ahead of us = more wait; less people = less wait). The other cool thing is that babies as young as 4 weeks old are placed for referral, so we could be bringing home a very young baby!

Right now, I haven't officially started the paperchase mainly b/c I haven't brow-beat my husband into paying for this yet...but I will. We get all our paperwork in the mail this week, so I'll know exactly how much it'll cost to actually get started. Also, for those of you who know the China process, fear not, this paperchase is WAY faster, and a LOT LESS INVOLVED. Plus, we already have a HS, so we just need it updated... pretty cool.

Alright, this isn't exactly short, but now you have a better idea of the process. I'll obviously be posting the timelines along the way!! That is, if you are still reading!! Don't go anywhere, it's NEVER DULL 'round here, folks. Promise!!


Susan & Matt said...

Congratulations on your descision. I can't imagine having to wait as long as it is now. We had a 1/11/05 - LID and a 9/13/05 Gotcha day. I give everyone a lot of credit because I thought our wait was tough.
I do have a question. Has your agency mentioned that there could be any issues with doing 2 at once? I read on a Yahoo group that if China finds out your are double adopting, they will send your file back.
Hope everything works out.
By the way - how much did you cry with Gilmore Girls tonight?


Nesha said...

thanks for the note. email me privately if you want the details about the "official word" on pursuing a second adoption. (BTW - our agency sez it' ok! We'll have the VN adoption done WAY before our China one, sadly).

And GG!! OMG! So sorry to have it over!!! (sniff) ;->

Katherine said...

Congratulations!! That is awesome. I am so excited for you!! Can't wait to meet you and Baby M!!

PinkDevora said...

I have some questions. Can you email me?