Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Home Study

We have our home study this coming Thursday. I can't tell you how laid back I am this round. I do, of course, plan to clean the house, but no more so than I would knowing we had dinner guests coming. I just can't get worked up over it this time. Yes, I'm excited, but hey, she saw my OLD house and managed to still say we would make good parents. This house is far and away better than the old one, in so many respects, so I figure, as long as it's tidy, she won't care. I know it is natural to get worried about the social worker coming to the house for the HS, but honestly, I can now actually legitimately say, "hey Been There, Done That". We never got the "white glove test", our social worker DIDn't look in closets, she didn't say ANYTHING about our well-stocked wine rack, or the three dogs...she didn't even go INTO most of the rooms (she stood in the doorways and looked in). I've read that some social workers even turn on the faucets to make sure you have hot and cold running water, but honestly, that sounds a bit far fetched. Maybe if we lived in the boonies in some ancient farm house (sorry, Mom!), but I'd guess MOST of us do these days (have running water, that is. NOT live in the boonies!!). And if we don't? Well, I bet we could still make the case that we could raise kids just fine, thank you very much (Right, Mom?!!).

So, if you are out there in my blog land, and you haven't done your HS yet (but plan to sometime), take heart. The social worker we are working with is wonderful, and it sounds like many of them ARE wonderful!! They WANT to help us ADOPT a child(ren), not stop us from it. So DO NOT STRESS. Just be your self, and enjoy the time. It's one step closer to your baby!!


C Williams said...

May I ask which agency you are using for Vietnam?

Nesha said...

We're going through Mandala Adoption Services, out of NC. I'd be more than happy to discuss them (via email) if you like! just drop me a line! nesharoo7602@hotmail.com

amy said...

I cant wait to get to the point where we need another one..Enjoy!!!

Glad I stopped by, nice blog