Friday, June 29, 2007

Royally Pissed Off

I have done very well in the last year to stay far far away from the damn rumor boards and blogs that speculate about when China will speed up/slow down/etc. However, I was reading a friend's blog and she posted from a fairly good site that follows China referrals and match dates, etc. That made me go to the Rumor Queen's blog ( and check it out for myself. Here's the basic gist of what current "rumors" are for referrals from China. Here's an except from the RQ blog. If you don't follow this, keep in mind that this lady knows what she's talking about 99% of the time...mainly due to her connections in the China adoption community. However, as with everything, this is STILL just speculation.

  • it seems that about half of the agencies were told the wait will reach from “two to three years” and the other half were told from “two and a half to three years”. (To me, the important number here is that they are acknowledging the wait could reach three years.)
  • Many agencies are reporting that we’ll be at a two year wait when we finish 2007. Several are reporting it will happen before we finish 2007. Several report that the CCAA will be referring some of the December 2005 families in December 2007. (RQ note: All of these could mean something slightly different, but they all point to the same ballpark.) (as an aside, we are LID of June 2006...which puts us at a referral in 2008 at the soonest...)
  • One agency reports the maximum wait will be 2.5 years.
  • The CCAA is currently referring 600 to 700 babies per month.
  • Backlog figures: total dossiers received in 2006 were around 30,000. Total dossiers received January through May of 2007 were around 10,000.
So, as I keep saying, there is no end in sight...And man does it piss me off. I am not comfortable posting my true thoughts on this wiat, and what China has to do with it on a public post, but I sure do have a lot to say on this subject if you want to know, email me! Furthermore, I am more happy than ever that DH and I agreed to adopt from Vietnam. The good news? Well, Baby M will likely be years younger than our baby from Vietnam. That'll give us some time to get used to having a baby before we travel to bring home Baby M. (I'm not really pleased about this, but it might be easier on our budget and mental health in the long run!!).

On a POSITIVE NOTE: I received a wonderful package last night in the mail from my super awesome Secret Pal. I'll post pix (and a response to the letter inside!!) later this weekend. Stick around, folks. The fun is just beginning!

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Kat & Chris said...

I know, I know, I know. It's insanity. And it's incredibly depressing. We definitely no longer have any hesitation about starting our family another way while we wait. I feel badly for those who can't and could possibly be waiting years and years for their child. I just don't know how you stay sane in these circumstances. I'll pray for us all.