Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Stalking Blogs...again

I spent about an hour last night stalking other people's blogs. This time, they were all blogs from PAPs or APs (that's potential adoptive parents and adoptive parents). There is even one family in our town who brought TWINS home from Vietnam last December! It was exciting to read, since I have been meeting absolutely WONDERFUL PAPs in the China community (like Noelle's Mom and Dad!!) but I don't know any one with adopted child(ren) from VN...(I have actually met the Mom of the beautiful twins I mentioned above, but I bet she wouldn't remember me - so that doesn't really count).

I keep saying this, but I used to spend HOURS on the China adoption boards, and chatting with people on-line (I've even made lasting friends from when I used to spend hours on there!), but I just can't get involved in the Vietnam boards this time around. So much of it is for newly adopting parents...and while we haven't yet actually ADOPTED (other than a ton of pets!), I am no longer a NEW potential adoptive parent. I guess that's why blogs are so nice. I can see the beginnings, the wait, the referral, the trip, and the HOME! pictures and stories. It reminds me that it DOES happen. And it is so nice to see. I hope that one day my blog will also be a place where people can follow our journey. Our journeys, actually!! I can't wait!!


Kat & Chris said...

Aw!! Thanks for the props:) The feeling is mutual.

Jennifer said...

Twin mom here. I do remember you it was only my 2nd time meeting Karen, who I adore and have become great friends with.

I am an old hat at Viet Nam and please feel free to ask me any questions. If you want to come over and meet the girls let me know. That seems to be a big hit with other PAP's of Vietnamese kids. The girls, Mimi and Cams are quite charming even though they are slowing killing me with exhaustion.

I think you actaully are close by...so email me..I sent you a quick re: to your comment...and we can chat.

Take care-Jenny
Mom to Mia and Cameron, BD 06/26/06: Ha Noi, Viet Nam, G&R 12/11/06

Doug and Terrye said...

It does eventually happen, it just seems to take so darn long!!! Our little "dream come true" came home March 2006.

Terrye in FL