Saturday, July 07, 2007

"Away" for the weekend

Tod and I are celebrating our 5th year wedding anniversary this weekend. I have some pix I'll post when I'm back on my own computer! I dearly hope this is our LAST anniversary with out a baby. I know my Mother also dearly wishes the same thing, eh Big Mama? ;->

Today we're poking around a little town outside of Raleigh with an honest-to-god old fashioned soda shop (or is it: shoppe?). Oh, AND a very good quilt store that I only ever get to once a year b/c it's outside of my roam-zone. I'll be hunting for material for Baby #2 (who is technically baby # 1, as you all will recall my previous post on this! but we haven't "named" VN baby yet, so s/he will be baby # 2 for now... confused? I know I am). Tomorrow we're heading to the beach!! Fun!

I'll post pix later this weekend, promise!! (ok, NOT from me at the beach, but other pix, definitely!!).

Now, go out and hug someone you love.


amy said...

I love reading your blog!! Cant wait to see pictures

Kim said...

Hi! Just came across your blog--I am also in Raleigh--waiting on our referral for our baby #1 from VN. (hopefully in a couple months). We are celebrating our 1 year of official wait tomorrow-Woohoo. Glad to know of some more VN parents-to-be close by! :) Have a fun trip!