Monday, July 23, 2007

CIS tomorrow and PHOTOS!

Happy happy joy joy!! Fingerprints tomorrow. Ok, funny story: We have our fingerprint appointment letter, right? It says on the sheet of paper you HAVE to have that letter, along with an ID or they won't give you the time of day. So, last week I photo copied the damn thing 3 times, and had planned on putting one copy in my purse, one in my car, on in my dossier files, and one to lose if necessary...tonight I'm frantically trying to find ANY copy of the letters... sadly, I could only find the ones I put in my dossier files, so I had to take that one with me tomorrow. I THOUGHT I'd planned way ahead. Too bad I "lost" the rest of the copies in less than one week!! LOL.

Also, we had a professional photographer (and good friend!!) take some "family" pix the other day for our dossier. Here are a few that will go to Vietnam, and in the baby's life book. (Thanks again. B!!!)

(Hey, Kelly - oops, I mean, Secret Pal. ;-> -, check out the BIG version of the 3rd picture...notice my necklace? I LOVE it, and have been proudly wearing it all the time!! )


Stacy said...

Ok, that is so the kind of thing I usually do - losing whatever I most need at the moment, even if you do have multiple copies. For me, the best way to find something is to then have something else I can't find that I need more desperately (does that make sense? but it is my karma!). The pics look great!

Kelly said...

The pictures look great! Much better than the photos we sent to China. They were practically mugshots. I'm so happy you like your necklace :) Glad you liked your last gift, too. I'm working on my long list of "must-haves", and a list a "don't-need-even though-the-baby-registry-police-say-you-do". I'll send it with your August gift.

As for the paperwork, I do the same thing and usually loose most if it, too. It makes me feel better to know I'm not the only one!

Kelly (SP)